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We work with numerous organisations which share our aims, whether supporting educational projects or providing short training and educational courses. Here are just a few examples of wider educational projects we are involved with:

Working directly with the Yemeni Government, and in partnership with UNESCO, the MBI Al Jaber Foundation is providing $1 million in seed funding for a two year educational project in Yemen. Our goal is to strengthen and drastically overhaul the existing education system and its service delivery. When our work is complete we will have provided a new, visionary educational platform, which will meet the country’s expanding needs for education, and much needed technical and vocational training.

We have partnered with Sesame Street to deliver a workshop for educators, researchers, and media specialists from Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon.  During the workshop delegates were able to discuss an array of issues related to the use of multi-media to promote literacy skills in Arab countries.

We have also given grants for small infrastructure projects, such as providing hardware and software for the computer room in the Socotra Training Centre, an education centre on an island off the Yemeni Coast.



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