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“We seek to equip promising students from the Middle East with the skills, values and opportunities to thrive in a changing world.”

Education for all is crucial. We want to ensure that the next generation of students are equipped with industry leading skills; and properly prepared to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. It is our mission to help the young people of the Arab world to both fulfil their own potential and then go on to help create greater opportunities for others.

This is the ethos behind our longstanding scholarships programme.  We give promising students from the Middle East and North Africa region – of any background or gender – a chance to continue their higher education in some of the best academic institutions in the world.

Through this work, we hope to cultivate a generation of role models; an alumni of men and women who will use this opportunity to help their communities, countries and regions… as well as themselves; and who will help further the capabilities of future generations.

We are also committed to offering grants for capital projects at elite academic institutions, as well as providing support to wider educational projects which reflect our vision and values.



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