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New Website for Euro-Arab Dialogue Initiative, Supported by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber and MBI Al Jaber Foundation

The Euro-Arab Dialogue Initiative (EADI) has a new website, www.mawaid.net, where you can find information on the History of the EADI at: www.mawaid.net/history-of-the-eadi; information on the Comparative Study of Text Books at: www.mawaid.net/comparative-study-of-textbooks-2; and download a copy of the Vienna Declaration at: www.mawaid.net/declaration-vienne.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber and the MBI Al Jaber Foundation have supported the EADI since its revival and have hosted five meetings, from high-level conferences to technical meetings, over the last five years. The latest conference held in Paris during December 2016 brought together a group of UNESCO ‘Young Personalities’ – young people who engaged in sharing their expertise and experience, and who worked together on a plan of action for the important next phase. For information on this conference, please go to: www.mawaid.net/rapport-de-synthese.

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