Eric Broug, author, educator and Director of the School of Islamic Geometric Design
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MBI Al Jaber Lecture Series: ‘Mamluk Geometric Design in Cairo (1250-1517)’ by Eric Broug

Mamluk Geometric Design in Cairo (1250-1517)

Eric Broug, author, educator and Director of the School of Islamic Geometric Design, presented the final lecture of the MBI Al Jaber Foundation’s 2015-16 Lecture Series, ‘Mamluk Geometric Design in Cairo (1250-1517)’, on June 16th to a packed seminar room at the MBI Al Jaber Building in Russell Square. The Mamluks were responsible for some of the most exquisite masterpieces of Islamic architecture and geometric design.

Eric created a visual experience for the audience, using slides of beautiful mosques, designs and patterns, while talking of Sultans seeking to establish both piety and dignity in the creation of their buildings. He also discussed what it is we can learn by looking more closely at the patterns, and brought to light what the legacy of geometric design should be and how it can help us to understand certain mathematical concepts.

Eric is the author of various popular books on Islamic geometric design, dedicating himself to the topic since his early twenties. He gives workshops and lectures around the world and also works as an artist. He moved from Holland to the UK to study at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, after which he attended SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), where he obtained a Master of Arts in the History of Islamic Art and Architecture. His academic interests at SOAS were 15th century Mamluk Geometric Design in Cairo, and Muqarnas.

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