Villages perched on steep hillsides in the Nuba mountains, Southern Kordofan
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Charitable Work in Sudan Supported by the MBI Al Jaber Foundation

Painted Office - Kadugli Project Centre
Painted Office - Kadugli Project Centre

Together for Sudan received a grant from the MBI Al Jaber Foundation in order to open a sub-office in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan to expand their charitable work there.

This will enable Together for Sudan, with partial funding from the British Department for International Development, to begin a three year project called "Education for the Nuba". They will train at least 60 women's literacy teachers, 60 pre-school teachers and 60 basic school teachers and then place them with in-service training with local schools. This means that Together for Sudan will pay their salaries during the time it takes for them to complete their training. We expect that this pioneering project will eventually change the lives of thousands of women and children. The literacy teachers will be trained in the dynamic Reflect method which typically, in an eight or nine month intensive course, allows 80 percent of the students to become literate.


As a result of over 20 years of civil war, the population of the Nuba Mountians in western Sudan has been reduced by about 75% and social services have deteriorated rapidly. The area is remote, lacking in adequate water and food resources. Declaration of a ceasefire in the Nuba Mountains in January 2002 revived hope among the Nuba and allowed Together for Sudan to expand its educational projects from Khartoum to Southern Kordofan province.

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